Orientation Day

   I am a couple of days behind. Mostly because I wasn’t sure exactly what I was doing or allowed to do. My orientation went really well. There was another kid with me, he is interning for social media marketing, named Travis. 
   My HR people were amazing and very nice. Diane and Kim. Kim will be taking over Diane’s job soon.
     We had to watch the usual anti-harassment and saftey videos. We watched a great sales video named

“Give Them a Pickle”. It was entertaining. 
     I was excited I got a “first two row” parking pass (because photographers have to run in and run out so much).
I also got my own folder in the photo room and my own Mac computer (which I have never used a Mac before).
All in all I was nervous about orientation for no reason and had a good day.


Top photo. .Diane, myself,  Kim
Left bottom photo..parking pass
Middle bottom photo..my own folder
Right bottom…my own Mac

P.S. I apologize for the quality of these photos and the first day/ assignment photos. I was not aware I could use my camera yet, so these were taken with my phone.


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