First Assignment

The first assignment that I got to go on with Laura was at Cape Splash Water Park.
     The park is opening in a few days and is adding some new drop slides in.
     I watched Laura shoot and interview the guys working. She is definitely a professional.  I am happy I get to work with her.  However, she probably feels like I am stalking her or creeping on her. I’m constantly watching what she does and paying close attention to how she shoots.
     The guys working were very friendly and accommodating. They work for Solid Waterslide LLC. There were four of them putting slides together.  None of them were from here. Two are from Texas, one from Florida , and one from Minnesota.  They all travel together to every job they do. It seems that they all are pretty close, like a small family. There was of course playful bantering amongst them, but you could just tell they were family.
     Laura decided we should go inside the park and see where they were putting the slides in at. Once we got inside we noticed a few guys were cleaning the pools and fountains. 
One of the guys was balancing on the edge of the pool scrubbing the sides with a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser. His ability to balance and clean with out falling into the water was pretty impressive, so Laura got a few shots of him. She got down to eye level with him and got great up close and personal shots. It was fun to watch her. 
     I had a great learning experience with her on this assignment and look forward to many more.


Top left. .Laura at the end of one of the slides.
Top right..Laura shooting the workers.
Middle right..Laura getting up close and personal shots.
Bottom left…fountains all working.
Bottom middle. ..Laura getting more shots
Bottom right. .Laura getting a more wide angle shot of this guys amazing balancing abilities.


These are just some fun images I took on my phone.


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