First Day

     I was so nervous, I woke up extremely early this morning.  I went ahead and did my 4 mile hike and it made me feel better and calmed me down. (I’m training to hike a couple of mountains in August with my Outdoor Adventure class).
     When I got to the paper, Laura let me in. You have to have a code to get in the door and I didn’t have mine yet. Laura is the photo editor.  She is also the wonderful person that got me the internship( 3 cheers for Laura!).
     The first thing I saw when I went into the photo room was a really big lens sitting on the desk. I have never used a lens that big before, immediately I became insecure and nervous again. Laura was super nice and comforting though.
     Laura took me around and introduced me to a few people, took my photo for my badge, and showed me some things on the computer to find out assignments.
     She then took me to meet James, which is the web master. James was really cool. He does a blog on the Southeast Missourian website about all the cool hiking trails in the area. Imagine how excited I was to meet a fellow hiker and outdoor enthusiast. Anyway, James hooked me up with my own blog space on the Paper’s website. It’s named The Carousel as well. I will be doing a weekly blog on their website. I’m upset I didn’t get a picture of James, but I will sneak one in sometime.  
     I got to meet Glen and Fred as well, they are also photographers. I didn’t get a photo of Fred; he wasn’t there long enough.
     It was a good day of meeting people and getting things set up. Everyone was extremely nice and welcoming.  Great first day!


Top left…Me already for my first day
Bottom left…That’s the amazing Laura
Top right…Glen and his chicken legs( He was teased about them today.I personally think they are proportional to the rest of his frame).
Bottom right…Big scary lens.


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