Wild Art

Yesterday I went with Laura to do an assignment that is called “Wild Art”. This is random images of something or someones that is interesting and can be used as a stand alone image (which means it won’t have an article with it, just a caption). I thought, “This will be fun, this is my kind of assignment”. Little did I know I had to approach and speak to random people on the street. I have never been good at just walking up to people and starting a conversation. I find this very difficult and is somewhat of a fear of mine. Laura, however, was great at it. She took people pictures and then went straight up to them and started talking to them. I was very impressed by this; I was also very envious. I would give just about anything to be able to do that.

We walked around on Main street looking for interesting people to walk by. It was raining pretty steadily, so the options were limited. Finally, we saw a couple of girls walking towards us holding two completely different umbrellas, but covering both of them. Laura got their pictures coming down the sidewalk, and I got hers taking the picture.

Laura taking wild art shot
Laura taking wild art shot

After we got these two girl’s picture, we walked around some more, getting our pant legs soaked from walking in the rain, also, I had on sandals so my feet were getting wet and cold. I learned to pay attention to the weather when I am dressing for work.

We walked up to an antique shop that had an old bike out front used as a planter, it was really neat looking so I took a picture of it.

Bike planter
Bike planter

The lady that owed the shop was named Judith. She was really nice. She was changing her window display to a more summery look. She was putting up all different kinds and colors of kites. It looked really good. She was kind enough to allow us to take pictures of her and her display.

Judith changing her display
Judith changing her display
adding kites to the display
adding kites to the display

Judith changes her display every week. That’s a lot of work, but she seems to really enjoy it.

Judith made my day pretty much. She was so sweet and nice, she tried to give us kites, but we are not allowed to accept gifts while on assignment, so Laura  politely declined.

We decided that was enough of getting wet and trying to catch people with umbrellas and headed back to the office.

I had a really awesome time doing this assignment. Laura says she’s going to make me just go out and shoot people so I can get used to just talking with them. My stomach kinda turned when she said that, but I know that’s what needs to happen. Somewhere in my heart, I know I’m actually looking forward to being able to do that. I think “Wild Art” days are going to be m favorite!

Side note:

Isn’t it nice that I am not using my phone and using my camera! the images look so much nicer!


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