I got to go on my first solo assignment yesterday. Laura had to shoot the for another publication that the paper puts out. They have A LOT of publications. Anyway, so I was sent out by myself to shoot the annual 100-mile yard sale that stretches from Jackson to Kennett , Missouri.

I met some very interesting folks there. I stopped in Delta where they had a flat bed trailer full of all types of salt and pepper shakers. I have never seen so many salt and pepper shakers in my life. It was truly a once in a life time sight.

I then stopped in Advance where my friend Steve and his wife, Driea live. Driea owns a building in front of their house that used to be her hair salon. She is now battling stage 4 brain cancer and can no longer run the business. She is leasing out her building now. (Sending lots of love to you Driea!).

Finally, I stopped in Arbor. It was full of people and the sides of the highway was lined with vehicles. It was difficult to drive through there. The people of this little town treated the yard sale almost like a town fair. It had all kinds of little stands, kids and animals running around, it even had a BBQ food truck there. These people know how to yard sale!

I took lots of pictures and finally went back to the office to edit them for possible use in the paper. Glenn had to show me how to edit them the way they like it. He was extremely patient with me. I have never used a Mac before, and wasn’t sure how things were done, but Glenn was great and showed me everything and I got them all finished and went home.

This morning I woke up and got excited because I might have an image that I took published in the paper as a stand alone.

My first solo assignment image in the paper
My first solo assignment image in the paper

Sure enough when I picked up a paper and opened it, there it was, my picture, with my name under it. Obviously, I was stoked about it. But, as much as I was excited for this the amazing thing came after I saw my image in the paper.

Laura added a link to my timeline on Facebook. It was a link to a picture gallery on the Southeast Missourian’s website. A picture gallery of my images that I took yesterday. A whole gallery of just my images with my name under each and every one. She told me Glenn had put it together for me and posted it. I was amazed by this.

In the photography field, I have seen more bloated egos than I care to say. It’s so bad that it made me switch my major to something completely different than photography. It is still my minor, but I almost wanted nothing to do with the “professionals” of this field. These people tainted my passion, but then I got this internship and I get to work with two of the most amazing people I have ever known. Not only are they fantastic photographers, but they are genuinely good people. Neither one of these two have shown any type of “I am the god of photography” attitude that I have seen with most photographers in this area. They teach me what they know without hesitation. The support these two give me is priceless. They never talk down to me, or treat me like I am stupid. I truly believe that Laura and Glenn want me to succeed, and that is the best gift I could ever ask for from an internship. I am blown away by their support.

Needless to say, I became teary eyed at the sight of my gallery. It was a selfless and sweet thing for Glenn to do. I am more excited about this generosity than I am of my first image being published in the paper. I am honored and blessed to be working with such amazing people. If I get nothing else out of this internship, I have still gotten to work with them.


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