Feeding the Water Fowl

As you can tell, my blogs about my internship are about the day before. I can’t post the pictures I take until they run in the paper the next day. So, this one is actually about yesterday.
Laura asked me to go out by myself and find some “wild art” to shoot and to be back by 11:30 because it was the owner of the paper, Gary Rust’s, birthday party.
I decided to go to the park to see if there were any people fishing or playing disc golf. I found some people feeding the ducks  and geese. I went up to a lady, she had a very young son with her,  and asked if I could take their photo for the paper. She happily agreed. I tried to walk around them to get a better angle and the baby ducks started hissing at me, then the adults started in. Those things did not want me any where near their food. I had to walk completely around and come up on the otherside. I finally got their photo.  This photo was used in the paper today!


When I was adding the cut line (the caption), I was told unless I know for sure what type of water fowl they were feeding, were they ducks, geese, or  swans, I must refer to them as water fowl. All information must be correct. I hadn’t ever though about who writes the captions for photos before, now I know. This photo did have some information about the weather added to it by someone else, to make it relevant I am assuming.
When I saw the photo this morning I text Laura and asked her if she ever got tired of seeing her photos used in the paper, as I expected, the answer was no.
As a photographer,  it’s an awesome feeling to see your work being placed in a publication that so many people will receive and read. It really is a wonderful feeling, and I feel blessed to have this opportunity. 


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