Welcome to my Page

Hello everyone! My name is Carol and I am starting this blog because I was told by a professor that I need to.

I have had a hard time deciding what my blog should be about. My interests are vast and picking just one would be difficult. My solution to this is, I will start with blogging about my internship.

I am a student at Southeast Missouri State University for photography and outdoor adventure leadership, I acquired a photography internship with The Southeast Missourian news paper. (Yay me!) I will be learning a lot of new stuff and meeting lots of new people; I thought it would be a good subject to start with.

I will be sharing everything I do. You will see all the equipment I will be using, meeting all the people I will be working with, and some of the photos I will be using at the paper. I will probably throw in some stuff that may not be too exciting for you, but is either exciting to me, or funny in some way to me.

I hope you all follow me on this journey and join in on my excitement and education of how photography in the  the news paper world works.

Thank you in advance for reading and checking up on my progress!!

Carol Kellison

This is ME!!
This is ME!!